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Hypertonic Saline Solution In Children With Adenoidal Hyperytrophy: Preliminary Evidence

“HYPERTONIC SALINE SOLUTION IN CHILDREN WITH ADENOIDAL HYPERYTROPHY: PRELIMINARY EVIDENCE”   09-10-2007 on EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INFLAMMATION Authors : G. CIPRANDI, A.VARRICCHIO,M.CAPASSO,A.M.VARRICCHIO,A.DE LUCIA,E.ASCIONE,F.AVVISATI, M.DI GIOACCHINO and U. BARILLARI   Adenoidal hypertrophy (AH) is a frequent problem in children. A preliminary study evidenced that intranasal hypertonic solutions may exert an anti-inflammatory activity. […]

Inhaled Thiamphenicol And Acetilcysteine In Children With Acute Bacterial Rhinopharyngitis

“INHALED THIAMPHENICOL AND ACETILCYSTEINE IN CHILDREN WITH ACUTE BACTERIAL RHINOPHARYNGITIS”   01-02-2008 on INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF IMMUNOPATHOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY Authors : A.VARRICCHIO, M.CAPASSO, M.DI GIOACCHINO and G.CIPRANDI   Antibiotic abuse for treating rhinopharyngitis induces the occurrence of resistant bacteria. As topical drugs might reduce this phenomenon, the aims of our study […]